Sunday, July 19, 2015

Teething Woes

And we can cross apple slices off the list of acceptable food.

But we can move celery sticks from the inedible column to the "Best Food Ever" column.

Her need to constantly gnaw on a cold celery stick combined with her general cranky mood and lack of sleep lead me to believe the Queen is finally getting her fourth tooth.

My other children were late teethers, growing their first tooth around nine or ten months.  

The Queen got her first tooth at sixteen months.

I've heard this is normal for a child with Down syndrome.

Annnnnnd she started with her molars. 

Also normal for a child with Down syndrome.

My oldest calls them her "hippo teeth" because you can only see them when she opens her mouth really wide.

Lily usually has a very high tolerance for pain, not complaining about an ear infection until her ear drum has burst, or not letting us know she has strep until her tonsils are so swollen they're touching.

But teething is kicking her butt.

And mine.

Good thing she's cute.

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