Saturday, November 14, 2015

Toddler Life

As her second birthday rolls up on us Lily has firmly established her new identity as a toddler.

Don't be fooled by the idea that children with Down's syndrome are always happy.  Lily has mastered the toddler tantrum.

Wether she is all done shopping...

Or angry that I won't let her run in the street...

Lily has learned to express her displeasure in no uncertain terms.

And while we're busting myths about Down syndrome, let's talk about the idea that all people with Down syndrome look alike.  While it is true the diagnosis is accompanied by certain physiological markers how can anyone look at her nose,  and my nose, and not know we are related.  She is definitely my kid. (Sorry about the nose Lily.)

I've decided to pull Lily from all her therapies.

They are a bad influence on her.

She can now get into pretty much anything and anywhere.  Below are exhibits a-d.

Her OT actually wants to teach her to unscrew the tops of bottles.  She is not ready for that kind of responsibility.  She would never use that power for good.  She would use that power to open a gallon of milk and dump it in the dog's bowl, and by dump it in the dog's bowl I mean try to dump it in the dog's bowl and empty it all over the floor.  The floor that is perpetually covered in dog food because Lily can open the pantry door to access the dog food.

Thanks Therapy!

But she is also full of toddler hugs and giggles.

And Christmas is extra magical with a toddler in the house...

So it isn't all bad.

I just can't believe she is almost two.

How did that happen?

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