Monday, August 10, 2015


We've been selected!

"The 2015 NDSS Times Square Video will play in the heart of New York City on the Clear Channel Spectacolor screen in Times Square on September 19, 2015 at 10 am ET."

On a whim I submitted a photo of Lily to the NDSS for consideration for their video.  I did it an hour or two before the deadline (or just after if the deadline was Eastern Standard Time).  I am honored that our picture of Lily will be included with over 400 other pictures on the screen in Time Square as part of the NDSS New York City Buddy Walk.

I love being a part of this opportunity to showcase Down syndrome as something beautiful and ordinary and part of life.  I'm sure this video they are compiling will help promote not just awareness but acceptance of differences.  There is a hashtag that goes around Instagram #morealikethandifferent.  More alike than different.  I hope that showing picture after picture after picture, snapshot after snapshot after snapshot of the lives of individuals with Down syndrome will show they aren't that different after all.

They are people.  With feelings, ideas, hopes and dreams.  They are worthy of dignity and respect and love.  And they are loved.  So very loved by people who hope and dream for their acceptance and safety in this world.

I'm so excited Lily was selected.

I just wish I could remember which picture I submitted.

I'll be sure to link to the video on Youtube when it is avaliable.


  1. I was just thinking which picture it was and kept reading hoping to see it when I came to the end. Oops! Sounds like somthing I would do! I'm sure it's a really cute one...they all are....of course!

  2. yay! Some of the pics you've taken of Lily are some of my favorite photos ever. Congrats!